Why Should You Buy Land in San Carlos?

Buy Land in La Fortuna in San Carlos

If you are a foreigner and are thinking of moving to Costa Rica, La Fortuna in San Carlos is an ideal place to enjoy with your family or partner.

And if you are Costa Rican and have not decided to acquire land in this beautiful area, we give you very good reasons to make a decision NOW.

Cost of living:

Life in San Carlos is very affordable and has one of the lowest costs of living in Costa Rica. For $1,200 per month a retired couple can live very well and for about $2,000 per month they can live with luxuries. Numerous local low-cost restaurants with local fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood and fresh ingredients make dining out enjoyable.


“Pura Vida” is the local expression for everything from a greeting to a state of mind. The pace of life here is relaxed and punctuality is nothing more than a suggestion, which is the whole idea of retirement. There is also plenty to do for those seeking a healthy and active lifestyle, such as: hiking, bird watching, cycling, canopy tours, horseback riding, and much more. Explore or relax as much as you want. According to international studies, Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world, ranking first in the Happy Planet Index in 2009. It is also consistently among the first Latin American countries in the Human Development Index.


The warm climate all year round is another good reason to call San Carlos home. There are only two seasons here: dry season generally from November to April, and the rainy season usually from May to October. Even in the rainy season there are sunny mornings and rainy afternoons. September and October are usually the wettest months of the year.

Natural beauty:

San Carlos is one of the most beautiful areas in the world to visit (and of course, to live), with mountains, jungles, volcanoes, waterfalls, and much more. Costa Rica, despite the fact that it represents only 0.25% of the world’s land mass, is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

San Carlos is a unique tropical paradise that offers low-cost living and retirement, a chance to start over, gentle breezes, lots of great outdoor sports, all activities imaginable to keep you active, and a stunning landscape.

Don’t hesitate! Come learn about San Carlos and acquire a little piece of this earthly paradise.